Sqyle is the exclusive mobile dating and lifestyle app for individuals with high standards. We make dating more meaningful and more sustainable.

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Great People Belong Together

We live in a fast-paced, connected world, and yet it has never been so difficult to get genuinely in touch with other people. There are so many dating apps out there but people with high standards like you are not satisfied with them.
At Sqyle, we make Dating more meaningful and more sustainable.

Be part of an exclusive Community

Get to know other exciting, upscale, like-minded people. Unlike other platforms, where just anyone can become a member, Sqyle only allows members that are either connected to other existing members or who are approved by them. Join our exclusive community now and never get annoyed by poor quality members again.

More mindful Choices

Everyone is just swiping left and right in search of the perfect partner. Swipe left and they are gone forever, swipe right but you don’t really like them, it’s just a way not to miss a potential hookup. Human relationships are not black or white and deserve more quality time. Sqyle’s Maybe feature allows you to review profiles in a more mindful, relaxed setting if you are not quite sure and stay in control of who you really like !

Making Dating more Sustainable

At Sqyle, we believe that dating doesn't end when you meet someone you like. In order for your relationship to blossom, you have to experience the best possible dates together and live exciting, quality moments. Our sustainable dating features, such as Date Planner help you make every date an unforgettable story. 

Date authentic People

Fakes are a waste of time and they are everywhere in the world of online dating. At Sqyle, we believe real encounters in real life are the best way to find out if someone truly looks like their profile. Users with the green check mark have been marked as genuine by several other users who met them for real; they are authentic; never waste time on fakes or bots again!

The World is your Oyster

You enjoy travelling or go often on business trips and you would like to meet your potential partner in one of your favorite destinations ? Sqyle's original Travel feature lets you view people from your favorite cities with a single tap. Expand your horizons and meet people you would never have come across in real life. 

Simple is Beautiful

Time has become one of this modern world's rarest luxuries. We think you deserve it. We made Sqyle so simple and straightforward that you don't need any user manual. Its interface is intuitive, pleasing to the eye and very time-saving : 
we show you only the features you need, only the info you need.
Bringing great people together is our highest priority.

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