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CEO and Founder

Wanda has a dual-background, 20-years experience in both designing large-scale, user-friendly, compelling information systems and apps, and thinking broadly in terms of marketing, product strategy and customer satisfaction excellence. 

Wanda is French, Ecole des Mines de Paris graduate, and lives between Paris and Munich. She studied and tested over 100 mobile dating apps prior to creating Sqyle.

I have the simplest tastes. I am only satisfied with the best.” 

(Oscar Wilde)



Ingo is one of a kind. He sold his first company to Microsoft when he was 12, was employee #7 at Amazon. His technology is available today in many computers all over the world.


He has 25 years experience as a high-profile  consultant, held several CTO/COO positions for many successful German startups, and  developped intelligent algorithms for major dating platforms. He lives in Berlin.

“Security and privacy are vital to

mankind, just like breathing and

eating .”  (inspired by K. Neville)


Business Development

After graduating from Munich School of Political Science with focus on the impact of technological progress on society, environmental challenges, big data & data security, Falk has developed an extensive background in the mediation of investment products, in particular real estate participations & financing models.


In addition, he has been supporting startups in acquisition of funding in the context of business development.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  (Dr. Seuss)

The Story

There was a time in my life when I needed to make a new beginning and meet new people. Busy as I was, I didn’t have much time to go out in bars, parties or visit museums but I was often on the go so I started using some of the first mobile dating apps.

So many poor quality profiles… 95% of the people would not be interesting to me at all in the first place. Not attractive, no life goals, pushy or creepy guys….  And when they did interest me, they were lying about their age or height, or even planned dates that never happened. I even heard men were swiping all women right on some app starting with T, with the hope of having sex with “just any of them”.

The majority of apps were also poorly designed, either with a much too complex user interface or with too little (or way too much) information in the profiles. Chats were dull and superficial. I was wasting my time looking for the perfect unicorn that did not exist or talking to people I had no common values with. This could not be !

I tested, studied and benchmarked over 100 mobile dating apps and sites, comparing them with the best practices, and none of them seemed good enough to bring the experience I was expecting. There were upscale communities, but none ventured into the realms of dating.

Using my combined experience in product strategy, streamlining user experiences and delivering highest customer satisfaction, I designed Sqyle out of the desire to gather an upscale community around a flawless dating app with high-value content. Ingo brought his unmatched innovation and privacy know-how to make sure the app keeps your dating life amazing and safe. Falk added his passion to the mix because he immediately understood the development potential of our exclusive and visionary way of handling mobile dating.

We are Sqyle, we bring great people together and make dating better and more sustainable.

W. Egger, CEO, Sqyle


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